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Tri County Metals is a Local Family Owned & Operated


Established in 2003, Tri County Metals is a North Central Florida USA owned and operated metal roll forming company.

Chris was 15 when he first discovered the value of a metal roof.  While away at a soccer tournament with his Dad, they got a call from his mom early in the morning that their neighborhood was hit pretty hard by the 1993 Storm of the Century.  They immediately headed home to discover that much of the neighborhood had suffered significant damage including many roofs except for their house’s roof which had a 5 v crimp metal roof installed on it just a few years earlier.  It was then that Chris realized just how much superior a metal roof was compared to other roofing types against Florida’s harsh weather conditions.  From then on he was baffled to why more people didn’t choose to install a metal roof.  He decided if he ever had the opportunity to get into the roofing industry, that he was going to make it a priority to educate as many people as he could and provide an affordable way to purchase metal roofing because he saw just how much better a roof it was.He got his start soon after graduating from the University of South Florida with his MBA when he took a job as the Director of Operations for a large roofing contractor based out of Sarasota Florida.  While working there, he developed a lot of the business principles that he operates by now as the owner of Tri County Metals.Chris and his wife Betsy purchased Tri County Metals in July of 2007 with the goal of being a place where you can purchase a quality metal roof at an affordable price.Originally the business had only one location and 6 employees, but Chris’ original priority as it still is today being to educate people on the benefits of a metal roof and make it an affordable alternative to other roofing types.  His straight to consumer or contractor business model avoiding additional mark-up through traditional supply chains, makes metal roofing an attractive choice for the next roof.As of today, the business has 4 locations and more than 27 employees.  Chris and Betsy firmly believe that their employees and their customers are their companies biggest assets, constantly listening to what they both have to say on how to make the business better.  They feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people working with them.Chris and his wife Betsy, with their son’s Pierson and Bryce live in Trenton, Florida and are members of the Chiefland United Methodist Church.
We take pride in manufacturing quality roofing materials that will stand up against Florida's harshest weather conditions.
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To provide the best possible metal roofing products and services to contractors, professionals and homeowners alike. 

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