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If you're new to Tri County Metals as a roofing contractor, you will want to explore topics on this page to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help grow your business.

About our Business Development Managers

Our Business Development Managers work along side our contractor customer partners to assist them in a variety of ways. They can help answer questions however you need to ask, in-person, call, email, or text. They can help you gain enrollment into our effective Edge programs for factory training, financing, and more. They can help you with outstanding customer service, and help you plan and problem solve. Call on your dedicated Business Development Manager and consider them part of your team as you work to grow your metal roofing business.

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About Next Day Delivery

Tri County Metals has a reputation of embracing innovation. In 2019, we restructured our fleet management and added a brand new Scheduling Department; changes that ultimately greatly increased our delivery capacity, and paved the way to offer something that no other metal roofing manufacturer offered previously, next day delivery. Place your order by 4 pm, and we will ship out your order on-time and complete the next business day. Some restrictions apply. Learn more from your Business Development Manager.

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About our Customer Experience Team

Established in 2019 out of a desire to offer our contractor customers our very best in customer service, the Customer Experience Team (or CEX Team) has fundamentally changed how contractors to business with Tri County Metals in a positive way. The entire focus of the CEX Team is to assist our valued contractor customers with all of their order placing and processing needs. Our CEX Team is dynamic, and flexible and they are very skilled at processing orders and solving problems. Place orders how you prefer to place them. One email. One call. One text. One EASY way to do business.

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About our Online Tools

Free. Powerful. And at your fingertips. We have online tools that are free and effective ranging from media like logos, panel images, and stock home photos, to Click Color Studio – our metal roof visualizer which will let you add any of our metal roofs in any color to any home in the gallery or let you upload a home photo to mask and explore, our Panel Selector form which will help guide you to the best panel option, and many more. Let our Business Development Manager in your area sit with you and review all our free and easy-to-use online tools today.

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About our Local Branches

There's nothing worse than being on the job about to finish up, then realize that you are one piece of ridge short, or missing some accessory or component short. One aspect that sets Tri County Metals apart is our investment in our contractor customers by way of our numerus branch locations across the state. At our local branch you will find stocked inventory for most trims and accessories you will need. You can also arrange to pick up your orders at our local branch rather than delivery. Our helpful staff is always available to answer your questions and provide outstanding customer service.

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About our Product Approvals

With the help of expanded Florida Product Approvals, Tri County Metals now services the entire state including south Florida markets. We have completed HVHZ testing for numerous panel types and installation methods in a effort to make sure we have what you need for any job you may have an opportunity to bid on. Tri County Metals wants to be your resource for all your metal roofing needs.

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About our Lead Referrals

For contractor customers enrolled in our contractor'sEDGE factory training, or homeowner'sEDGE financing programs, we offer an impressive feature with our lead referral program. Lead referrals from Tri County Metals are free. What some contractors would pay easily $100 or more for per lead, we invest in and pass on to independent roofing contractors that we are partnered with. For more information on how this works, schedule a meeting with your Business Development Manager today and let's get you selling and closing more metal roofs.

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About our Delivery Text Notifications

Be in the know! Our delivery text notifications are a value-added feature at no cost to you. Although this is a free feature offered by Tri County Metals, the value is far-reaching. With our delivery text notifications you will know exactly when your shipment is scheduled, when it is leaving the previous stop, and when it was delivered with photographic proof of delivery. Use this valuable free feature to better scheduled you time, people and equipment. Another innovative way Tri County Metals offer an outstanding service experience to our contractor customers.

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About our CAD Take Off Services

At Tri County Metals, we actively assist contractor customers with commercial projects. To actuate this effort, aside from some engineering topics, and expanded Florida Product Approvals, we also have a robust CAD take off service, in-house. Our CAD team is known for their accuracy and quick turn around. As you explore commercial roofing projects, please feel free to call on Tri County Metals to assist you with our value-added, CAD take off services.

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About our Financing Program

Create value for the homeowner customer while making more money. Why offer financing? If you close 22 out of 100 leads today, statistics show your closing rate will improve to 40 our of 100 by following our approach with every customer. According to the NAHB, half of all home improvement customers spending at least $5000 will finance the project. If you aren't offering financing, you are likely sending potential business down the road to someone who can both install their project and finance it.

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