With the right finish using quality materials, your metal roof will provide you with years of service without troubles. However, some maintenance will ultimately be required—and your existing metal roof may have already reached that point! From cleaning techniques to strategies for increasing the life of your metal roof, our experts at Tri County Metals have put together some detailed tips and tricks for increasing the service you get out of it.

Keeping your roof clean is the first step, and some tactics for approaching that include:

Using the right cleaners: Our first recommendation is one cup of Simple Green®. Without that available use any other non-toxic biodegradable cleaner (that contains less than 0.5% phosphate), dissolved in two gallons of warm water. Finally, you could use a single cup of household ammonia dissolved into five gallons of room temperature water.

Using the right cleaning tools: A soft bristled brush, sponge, soaked cloth, or low-pressure washer work. Only utilize recommended cleaners and cleaning tools to avoid damaging the finish.

Staying safe: Your metal roof can have treacherous footing, even dry. Exercise extreme caution to avoid injury.

Starting low: Always begin washing your roof from the bottom, then work up the pitch.

Dealing with mildew: If you observe any mildew when cleaning, you can use one cup of household bleach diluted in five gallons of water coupled with one cup of mild soap.

Protecting your work: After you’ve finished washing the metal panels, take care to rinse them with clean water to prevent any residue from accumulating. Residue from cleaning products can damage the paint film on the roof over time.

Seasonal Maintenance Goes a Long Way 

Spring and fall maintenance can significantly extend the life of your metal roof. Protecting your investment also protects your home or building’s interior, so following some simple steps can significantly cut future costs. Our knowledgeable staff has compiled a small list of helpful steps in approaching seasonal maintenance the right way.

A few of the most important points of seasonal maintenance include:

  • Cleaning your gutters: Dirty gutters filled with debris promote mildew growth as well as potentially destabilizing attached panels or diverting moisture improperly. Spring is the ideal time to inspect your gutters for any clogs or build-up to remove, followed by thorough cleaning.
  • Inspecting flashing: Flashings are the metal strips that help prevent water from getting beneath shingles and seal gaps in your roofing. Inspecting these is particularly important around any gaps in your roofing from piping, chimneys, or cut-up valley regions between metal panels.
  • Removing leaves and debris: In the fall, many metal roofs fall prey to the deadfall of leaves. Keeping your roof clear removes the hazard of moisture buildup beneath the leaves that can damage the finish.

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