We have all the trim and accessories you will need for your project!

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Offer your family a premium, Energy Star, energy efficient painted panel, with the right line up of trim and accessories.

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House Parts

House Parts
Tacky Tape Radiant Barrier HT Synthetic Roof Underlayment Roof Boots 1x4 Purlins Flex-Pro Expanding Foam Inside Closures Trim - Ridge Cap Trim - Gable Trim Trim - Drip Edge Trim - Transition Flashing Trim - W-Valley Trim Trim - End Wall Trim - Side Wall

Tacky Tape

Use Tacky Tape as per the install manual to help make the space between the paneling and roof decking at the edge of the roof line weather tight.

Radiant Barrier

Use TCM's Radiant Barrier to help reflect heat and add another layer of weather protection to your new roof system.

HT Synthetic Roof Underlayment

There are many reasons you will want to use our synthetic roof underlayment over traditional media, like felt. Improve safety, potentially increase installation speed, and add a waterproof layer of protection to the roof deck while the project is underway with our HT Synthetic Roof Underlayment.

Roof Boots

We have all the accessories you will need for your project including roof boots in varied sizes and colors.

1x4 Purlins

Create an air space between the deck and the panel system and help increase the overall energy efficiency of your roof with our 1x4 Purlins. Purlins are not needed with every panel profile. Refer to your installation manual for details.


Use Flex-Pro to help your roof system ventilate through the ridge.

Expanding Foam

Use expanding foam in your valleys to help add weather protection for the overall roof system.

Inside Closures

Use inside closures along your roof edge to help make the overall roof system weather tight.

Trim - Ridge Cap

This is a typical location of where the ridge cap is used.

Trim - Gable Trim

This is the typical location for the gable trim.

Trim - Drip Edge

This is the typical location for the drip edge.

Trim - Transition Flashing

This is the typical location of transition flashing.

Trim - W-Valley Trim

This is the typical location for W-Valley trim

Trim - End Wall

This is the typical location of end wall trim.

Trim - Side Wall

This is the typical location for side wall trim.