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Options to make your metal roofing delivery fast and easy.
Common Questions

So, you need metal roofing and you need it now! No problem! Same day pick up is possible, but what’s more exciting than that is we can get your metal roofing package to you next day. That’s right; no more waiting 72 hours for your Ultra Rib panel order, you can have it tomorrow. In most cases, if you get your order placed with us before 4 pm, we can get it delivered to you next day. That’s our Next Day Delivery! That includes our delivery areas for the majority of Florida, and South Georgia as well.

Watch this video overview about our delivery options:

About Express Delivery


We have gone beyond Next Day Delivery and now offer Express Delivery. If you are in a pinch and need delivery of critical trim, fastener, or other accessory items, we now also offer Express Delivery. If you’re in a pinch, get what you need when you need it. Ask your salesperson about the availability of TCM Express Delivery if you get in a bind.

Delivery Text Notifications


And at Tri County Metals it gets even better! We can notify you via text message about your delivery status. We make managing your delivery easy with Delivery Text Notifications. Ask for details about this free, value-added service when you place your next order.

Best in the Business


Our excellent delivery services with lightning-fast turn around is just one more way Tri County Metals is brining you innovation, and making Tri County Metals a pleasure to do business with.


To help make your delivery as smooth as possible, please review this delivery Q&A section. If you have any questions about delivery of your order, please be sure to address them with your salesperson when placing your order:


Meet our hard-working Logistics Team:

Delivery Q&A

What can I do to help make the delivery smooth and easy?

If you answer a few questions that only you will know the answer to, and share them with your salesperson when your order is placed, a successful delivery is sure to follow. First, knowing the that our delivery vehicles are long, either a 5th Wheel style truck pulling a 30 foot trailer, or a full Tractor Trailer, and asking yourself if it is reasonable for a vehicle of that length to access your drop point. If not, what alternative options for a drop location in working with the contractor may exist? Next, are there any vehicles or other trailers in the way of where your order needs to be dropped? If so, can you arrange to have them moved prior to our driver arriving? Use of our Delivery Text Notifications will help you know when to coordinate this. Do you have long panels associated with your order? If so, can your job site accommodate them – and/or what can be done in working with the homeowner / contractor to work around potential issues related to long length panels being delivered?

Can your boom or moffit place the order on my roof?

Unfortunately, no. We will need to drop your order on an appropriate ground space.

My home is in a Cul De Sac, can you just drop it on the pavement?

While it is possible to drop an order on the pavement, we want to be sure that you have permission to do so, and more than likely, you will want to coordinate with your installer to have our delivery moved quickly from where our boom has access to drop the order, to within the actual property boundary. Especially if your home is in a HOA, you will want to verify that this may be an option and if so, be sure to communicate that when the order is placed and the delivery notes are created. Please note that we cannot place orders on sidewalks or other public walkways.

What vehicle will you use to delivery my order?

The question only you can answer as this question is considered is – can our delivery vehicle make it through your neighborhood and/or down your driveway to offload. We have three general delivery vehicles that make deliveries. The 5th Wheel / Trailer delivery vehicle is the most numerous in our fleet, but it does have a length and weight limitation. The Tractor Trailer / Moffit delivery vehicle is a bit more versatile with the use of the moffit as far as where it can drop the order, and can deliver lengths up to 45;, however, given the overall length of that particular vehicle, special consideration should be given as to if that vehicle can make it through the neighborhood and / or not obstruct the roadway at the drop location, etc. Lastly, we do have an Express Van that is used for same-day, urgent deliveries, however these materials have to be hand offloaded and this service is generally an emergency-type scenario for delivering trim and accessories needed to complete an order or project.

Are there limitations to deliver via Tractor Trailer?

There are several aspects to consider on this topic. Tractor Trailers can be 70 feet in full length. With that in mind, only you as the homeowner / contractor familiar with the delivery area will know if a vehicle of that length will be able to maneuver down secondary roads and driveways to a suitable drop location.

Are there limitations as to where you can drop my order?

There are several topics to consider when looking at the drop location. Our typical delivery vehicle is a 5th-wheel / trailer outfitted with a “knuckle” boom to offload the bundles. There is a reach limitation for this boom. If you need materials dropped more than 15 feet from the drive or roadway where our truck can drive, you may want to have a more detailed conversation with your salesperson to explore other options. Also, please note that we cannot drop your order on public sidewalks or walkways.

What if my order has long panels?

The good news is we can ship panels up to 45 feet in length. The most critical aspect to consider is can your jobsite accommodate a delivery with panels of this length. If not, on-site roll forming may be an option depending on the panel profile selected. For many coastal homes, lot sizes are quite small, and on-site roll forming may be the only option.