TCM-LOK Metal Roofing Panel Overview

The most popular residential standing seam metal roofing panel on the market today. The panel screws are actually concealed underneath the panel and are not visible. That is what makes this panel unique. Available in 24 Gauge.

  • Suitable for any roof with a pitch greater than 1/4″ /12.
  • Applications: Residential and light commercial
  • Gauge: 24 or 26 Gauge, or .032 Aluminum (Aluminum panels available in 1″ rib height)
  • Panel Profile: 16″ wide with 1″ high ribs
  • Substrate: Steel and Aluminum
  • Finish: Max Defender, Core Defender, Coastal Defender and Acrylic coasted Galvalume® AZ55
  • Warranty: 35-year limited paint warranty Max, 40-year limited paint warranty Core, 25-year Mill Finish warranty, 25-Year
  • Aluminum No Set Back Warranty
  • Available in: Flat, Ribbed, or Striated

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