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There are two categories of metal roofing panels we offer:

Standing Seam

Standing Seam is a panel type noted with a pronounced rib and a fastener system concealed beneath the panel so the screws are not exposed.

Our TCM-LOK panel is manufactured with a built-in “nail strip” that allows installers to fasten the panel edge directly to the roof deck with the next panel overlapping the fasteners.

Our SL-LOK and MS-LOK panels use a floating clip system to secure the panel to the deck and allow for expansion and contraction over longer panel lengths.

Exposed Fastener

Exposed fastener panels are the most common and widely sold. Just as you might imagine, an exposed fastener panel is fastened such that the fastener holding the panel to the roof can be seen.

As with Standing Seam panels, Exposed Fastener panels have different styles depending on the application.

The Ultra Rib panel is the most popular residential panel on the market. The classic 5V panel can give your home a “Key West” look and feel. And finally, the rugged PBR panel is perfect for agricultural and light commercial applications.

Standing Seam panels

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Next, move on to color

We have the perfect color for any project.

A metal roof with a premium color finish is also a cool roof. Through testing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, it has been proven that an asphalt shingle roof traps heat in your attic. But an Energy Star rated roof reflects heat while the pigments in the color finish re-emit heat giving you a cooler attic. In fact, the Metal Roofing Alliance has a study that showed that a metal roof can save up to 40% of the energy costs to cool your home as compared to shingles.

Tri County Metals offers the Duke the Defender Series paint systems with our metal roofing panels. All of our colors are Energy Star “Cool Roof” colors to provide superior fade and chalk resistance.

Lastly, select your trim and accessories

Select a comprehensive metal roofing system for your project.


Trim is an important component to help ensure a weather-tight metal roof installation. We have standard trims in stock but we can also produce custom and specialty trim. 


From fasteners, to sealants, to underlayment and beyond, Tri County Metals is sure to have all of the accessories you need to help make your next metal roofing project complete. 

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