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Tri County Metals is led by knowledgeable, expert, and results-driven Florida metal roofing professionals who offer a wide-variety of services, products, and amenities to our customers in DeLand. Using only the highest of quality materials, our welcoming and personable experts seek to offer you cost-effective solutions to even the worst of your roofing concerns. We can even offer you a free quote, so you can be as informed as possible before we deliver you the product you need–in 24 to 36 hours, or less!

DeLand Location

1721 Langley Ave.,
DeLand, FL 32724

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[email protected]

Open Hours

M-F: 7:30am – 4:30pm
Sat: Closed
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Our trusted experts offer a number of high-quality products regarding your metal roof installation needs, including but not limited to the following:

  • Metal roofing panel profiles
  • Accessories
  • Flashings
  • Fasteners
  • Ventilation/insulation
  • Trim
  • Tapes & sealants
  • Underlayment
  • Tools

Check out the full selection for an in-depth look. We at Tri County Metals are excited to announce our DeLand location is open and running at 1721 Langley Ave., DeLand, FL 32724. You may reach this location by calling (386) 204-8006, and our fax number is (386) 734-5044.

If you so choose to enlist in our help, you can rest assured you will be the beneficiary of the following advantages of working with our experts:

  • Impressive savings on cooling costs
  • Hurricane and adverse weather resistance
  • Tested & certified to withstand winds up to 150 mph, saving you from projects in the future
  • Energy Star rated coatings

Contact Us for Florida Metal Roofing

At Tri County Metals, our team prides itself on delivering high-quality services in a friendly and efficient manner–all while allowing you the opportunity to fulfill all of your needs without breaking the bank. We are your one-stop shop for metal roofing, ensuring the products we offer you can last you a lifetime. Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, Tri County Metals is the right place for you.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a free, initial consultation with our metal roof experts today by calling (386) 204-8006.