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If your home or building is located in the Trenton area of north Florida, you know just how difficult it can be for your roof to withstand the elements. Severe weather damage is a real concern, and the liability to your home or structure’s interior follows quickly after a failing roof. Because of these conditions or simply to ensure they have the last roof they’ll ever own, we find that many homeowners have begun to discover the benefits available in Trenton metal roofing installation. At Tri County Metals, we provide expert guidance and a wide selection of the highest quality materials to supply your new metal roof.

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  • Over 10 years of customer satisfaction and amazing metal roofs.
  • Only the highest quality materials are used for our metal roofing products.
  • Our painted panels are finished with Valspar® SMP coil coating system.
  • Showing tremendous heart in our service.
  • Every one of our panels and trim manufactured right here in Trenton at our manufacturing facility.
  • Comprehensive employee training.
  • A dedicated staff member whose sole job is to train new employees on metal roofing.
  • Amazing communication from experienced professionals.

The Tri County Metals Difference is Clear

We love to help out homeowners working on do-it-yourself Trenton metal roofing projects, as well as contractors sourcing only the best materials for their customers. Your new metal roof is a crucial investment in your home or building—make sure you use the right materials for the job.

Tri County Metals is conveniently located at 301 S.E. 16th Street Trenton, FL 32693.
If you need to send an email or fax with details on your roof,
email [email protected] or send your fax to 352-463-0785.