This illustration details the location of 6 common trim items to include Drip Edge, Ridge Cap, Transition Flashing, End Wall, Side Wall, and Gable Trim. There are many other types of trim and you can find all of these listed in our Product Guide.

Hover over the green highlight area for more details of the trim area.

Drip Edge Ridge Cap Transition flashing End Wall Sidewall trim Gable Trim

Drip Edge

This is the area for the drip edge trim. Our drip edge trim is stocked in 10' lengths. We can also make custom drip edge trim based on your pitch requirements.

Ridge Cap

The ridge cap runs the length of the ridge and can either be screwed down or snapped down depending on the application and panel system

Transition flashing

Wherever there is a change in the pitch moving down the roof line, installing transition flashing is recommended.

End Wall

Where the roof meets a vertical wall is where you will want to install and specify end wall trim for your order.

Sidewall trim

Wherever the roofline is flanked by a side wall like with this dormer, you will want to utilize and properly install side wall trim.

Gable Trim

For the gable ends of the project, you will want to specify rake trim for your project.

Product Guide

Would you like to see all of our trim options? You can view our full Product Guide here.