About our CAD Department

This is Scott from the Marketing Department at Tri County Metals, and it’s time for a Metals Minute!

Let me share with you a little bit about our awesome CAD department.

So, it’s time for a new roof. Where do you begin? Well, whether its a residential metal roof or non-residential, your first choice is to ask for Tri County Metals to supply your metal roofing materials, and that’s an easy choice. From there, it all starts with an estimate. To accomplish that, we need some measurements and info about your roof pitch.

Do you need help getting accurate measurements for your roofing project, or projects? We have you covered! At Tri County Metals, we have a dedicated in-house team of CAD specialists who can quickly and accurately take your sketch or satellite imagery and produce a highly detailed design, no tape measure required! From that design, your salesperson can create an accurate estimate for your order.

The best part about our in-house CAD team, besides from the fact that they are awesome, is the turnaround. Our expert team cranks out CAD designs in 24 hours – and since they are overachievers, they usually get it back much faster than that.

Our in-house CAD department is just one more way we are bringing you innovation and making tri county metals a pleasure to do business with.

This has been Scott, from the TCM marketing department with a metals minute. Tri County Metals, make your next roof your last!