Metal roofing is gaining popularity in the roofing industry, and this is due to their durability and modern aesthetic appeal that has made many homeowners shift from using asphalt shingle roofs to metal roofs.

Metal roofs can last for over 60 years, which is longer than average shingle roofs.

Are Metal Roofs More Expensive Than Shingles?

It is good to note that metal and shingle roofs are an investment, and they aren't cheap. While a metal roof is more expensive than a shingle roof, including a metal roofs higher required expertise and labor in their installation, there are a number of benefits that metal roofs have over shingles that make them a much smarter investment.

A metal roof can cost two times more than a shingle roof in most cases. For instance, you can buy an architectural shingle roof at $4.8 per sq. ft., while a standing seam metal roof price can a decent amount higher, this is due to the style of roof requiring extra panels to cover the fasteners that attach it to the structure that gives it a sleek look. An exposed fastener metal roof will be less expensive than Standing Seam.

The Difference Between Metal Roofs and Shingle Roofs?

Metal roofs and shingle roofs differ in some ways, as discussed below are some of the basic differences between the two:

1. Metal Roofs vs. Shingle Roofs Maintenance Level

Each roof requires some maintenance, though some roof types need more than others. In most cases, roof maintenance is usually carried out quarterly, annual, or biannual.

Shingle roofs require much maintenance compared to metal roofs. Shingles need inspection and maintenance yearly, including debris clearance, checking pipe boots, and clearing gutters.

A Metal Roof will require a fraction of the maintenance that shingle roofing demands.

2. Metal Roofs vs. Shingle Roofs Lifespan

Both metal and shingle roofs last for an extended period. However, metal roofs last much longer than shingle roofs. A properly installed metal roof can last roughly at least 3 times as long as a shingle roof before it needs to be replaced. Furthering the maintenance reduction is a metal roofs significantly higher resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Metal roofing has higher wind and weather resistance than shingle roofs. If you live an area with constant winds, you may have to consider metal roofing. It is good to note that the roofing contractor you hire can determine how long your roofs will last. Ensure you hire an excellent contractor for a perfect job and durability purposes. Tri County Metals has many contractors that we partner with who are factory trained to install our metal roofing properly to give the roof it's maximum lifespan.


Now you know more about metal roofs and shingle roofs. These roofs will serve you for a considerable period, while shingle roofs are less expensive than metal roofs, the cost of maintenance and replacement for shingles will almost always raise its long-term cost above the cost of a metal roof.