How about an extended warranty?

Best energy package using “Energy Star” painted metal products for exposed fastener or standing seam*.

By selecting these products as listed below, your purchase may qualify for our Platinum Warranty at no additional cost.

1 – TCM Synthetic or Ultra HT peel and Stick
Two methods used to secure your warranty: use peel and stick in the valleys, chimneys, and all other critical install areas. Next, finish your roof with TCM synthetic underlayment materials. TCM Preferred method and TCM master’sEDGE install method is to apply peel and stick over your entire deck for best weathertight and fastener-secured roof.

2- Radiant Barrier
This important UV reflective material is the secondary protection against the UV rays attacking your attic with heat. When your roof heats up saturation occurs holding heat.
Radiant Barrier reflects that heat from entering your roof.

3- 1×4 Purlin System
The ¾” space allows for heat dissipation prior to hitting the reflective radiant barrier. The radiant barrier and space equal an R-value of 7, keeping you cool.

4- TCM Flex Pro or Snap Z

Properly ventilating your home moves more heat out of your attic and our ventilation products are essential to keep your house attic cooler. Proper ventilation with TCM
products is an important feature for Best Energy Package and a key component of energy savings.

5 – Lifetime WoodZAC Fasteners
TCMs lifetime Woodbinder fasteners come in matching colors of your selected color roof panel. The small stainless-steel head helps for low visibility on the roof, but gives superior weathertightness with encapsulation of the grommet.

6 – Trims and Accessories
Finishing your new “Platinum 45” warranty with the right TCM trims and accessories completes your new metal roof.

7 – Energy Star Painted Roof Panels
Your roof earns TCMs “Platinum 45” warranty being topped off with an “Energy Star” painted Sherwin Williams metal. TCM uses two Energy Star systems depending which TCM product fits your budget and goals. Follow TCM guidelines for “Platinum 45” you earn a 45-year warranty on the system of your choice.