You have a brand new metal roof from Tri County Metals that was just installed. What do you do next? The answer is simple, you will want to obtain a copy of warranty for the metal roofing panel and finish you selected. Before completing the easy form, you will need to know the property address, the name of the installer, the date installed and most importantly, the TCM Invoice number associated with your project. If you hired a contractor, your contractor can give you the TCM Invoice number. Then you just need to be sure you click on the correct warranty option. Here’s a quick rundown to help make that choice easy: If you have the silver mill finish, also called Galvalume, you will want to fill out the Mill Finish Warranty. For aluminum panels, you’ll complete the Coastal Defender Warranty. For all other color panels, you will either select Core Defender Warranty for 29 or 26 gauge panels, or Max Defender Warranty for 24 gauge panels. When you enter that info and submit, you will soon after be sent a completed PDF warranty copy to the email address you submitted with your form entry. It’s that simple!

Once you have gathered the short list of info mentioned above, just go to our warranty website, select the appropriate warranty based on your purchase, and fill out the simple online form:

Please note we not longer accept paper copies of warranties. The only valid warranty submissions are those successfully submitted via our Warranty Website.