Not all panels are created the same, you’ll find each metal roofing profile we offer at Tri County Metals has unique design attributes and aesthetics for your home.

In general, we offer two classes of metal roofing panels, exposed fastener and standing seam. Today I’ll be sharing with you an overview of our standing seam production capabilities.
At Tri County Metals, our standing seam team can produce a variety of metal roofing panels with varying rib heights, widths, and other features, and we offer great flexibility in how to get your standing seam panel order to you. We have several tractor trailers in our delivery fleet, and we can crate and ship your order in lengths up to 46’ directly from the factory.

Need longer lengths? No problem! We can come to you and roll form your standing seam order on site with longer lengths if needed.

Have a nice house, maybe on the coast, but with a tight lot? We do have the capability to add custom tiered crating to your order to help with both limited ground space for staging on the job site, and mapping out the panels to give the install crew the panels needed in a helpful sequence.

And our standing seam capabilities go further then manufacturing and shipping. At Tri County Metals we also have a CAD department that is second to none. We can translate your sketch or satellite imagery into a detailed CAD design to get an accurate estimate, ask your salesperson for more details on this value added service.

And the very best part of our Standing Seam offerings is our lead time. Our team can get your order out the door in 72 hours as standard, and in some cases, even faster.