Are you looking for a new metal roof? So many choices with color and styles to pick from, right? It can be overwhelming at times when you are unsure of which panel selection is the best for your project. Let the metal roofing experts at Tri County Metals help take some of that stress from you!

Before we can explore color options, the first choice is to pick the best panel for your project Here at TCM, we offer two main types of panels: exposed fastener and standing seam. Each panel profile is advantageous in its own way.

The best part to having a selection of panels is you get the chance to work with your own styles and preferences. Each panel profile we offer also comes with several Florida Product Approvals for your method of application.

Getting a full understanding of each panel can further assist with your choosing of your panel profile for your home. Tri County Metals has a variety of tools and resources to assist you in this decision. From a knowledgeable staff to our TCM Panel Selector, we look forward to assisting you with making your next roof, your last.