Your building absorbs — and traps — a lot of heat through its roof. This type of heat, known as radiant heat, moves through air spaces. Mass insulation slows heat transfer and holds or traps the hot air within a space. This accounts for a large amount of energy inefficiency as your heating and cooling system labors to keep up with the heat build up.Reflective foil and reflective bubble insulation actually block up to 97% of radiant heat and stop up to 93% of the transfer of radiant heat, improving the comfort of your home or building and increasing the efficiency of air conditioning system.

Benefits of Reflective Foil Insulation when used in Roof Applications:

  • Radiant barrier is effective in extreme temperatures – both hot and cold
  • Radiant barrier and reflective foil bubble is strong but clean, lightweight, and flexible
  • Foil insulation is easy to install
  • Radiant barriers are safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing equipment required
  • Bubble foil insulation and radiant barrier cuts and installs easier than fiberglass
  • Foil insulation reflects 97% of radiant heat and reduces up to 93% of transferred heat
  • Radiant barrier is easily stapled, nailed or glued into place
  • Foil insulation is waterproof and does not contribute to mold or fungus