Before and after

Tri County Metals is pleased to now offer a full line of Watts Removal Products.

Getting a new roof from Tri County Metals is an exciting process. After your new roof is installed and the seasons tick by, there can be a need to do a little bit of maintenance to keep your metal roof looking it’s best.

Of course, that could be as simple as rinsing it off periodically, or, if you home is under a canopy of trees, you may need to get up there and blow off the leaves from your valleys and dormers to avoid an unsightly build up of old leaves.

After time, it may be necessary to do more than blow off the roof or rinse it off. After dew, sun, and springtime pollen have saturated your new metal roof, you may need something to help with a little bit of elbow grease to clear away the organic build up and reveal the brilliance of color your roof had when it was first installed. But what product is safe to use to help clean your metal roof. Well, we have a product to help you. That’s where Watts Removal Products can help. Follow the link below to find out more.