What Colors Do Metal Roofs Come In?

Each roofing project requires a unique color shade based on your preference. When you are installing an Energy Star-rated metal roof that will last for decades, you need a color system that will be equally long-lasting.

Tri County Metals provides two color systems within our three branded color offerings for Core Defender, Max Defender, and Coastal Defender. Each gives you a wide range of shades along with best-in-class fade and chalk resistance.

In this article, we will discuss the three color systems to help you make the best choice.

Core Defender

This system is used for fastener panels exposed to the environment. It comes with a silicone-modified polyester (SMP) coating that shows extreme resistance to abrasion, chipping, and marring. In addition, it has superior color and gloss retention and excellent color consistency.

These cool colors have solar reflective (SR) formulations. They reflect sunlight and bring down the surface temperatures. As a result, it reduces heat absorption as well as energy costs.

Since they block out the sunlight, the colors are more resistant to UV rays and offer excellent weatherability. The layers also offer excellent waterproofing, so you get superior resistance to rain and snow.

The Core Defender series of colors comes with a 40-year paint warranty and a 30-year fade and chalk warranty.

Max Defender

The Max defender range of colors is specially formulated for use on standing seam panels. Using Fluropon 70% PVDF Coil Coatings formulation, Fluropon 70% PVDF Coil Coatings from Sherwin-Williams offer best-in-class performance for metal wall panel systems and metal roofing. Fluropon coatings are available in a wide range of colors and effects and are extremely durable to keep your design looking new for decades. With a 35-year paint warranty and 30-year fade and chalk warranty, we have you covered.

The Max Defender color array is specially formulated with a special fluoropolymer resin. Other properties include superior adhesion and formability that will withstand the weather for decades.

The Max Defender is one of the best color systems to choose for hot and humid conditions. In extensive field tests, this range has also proven its high resistance to abrasion, chemical degradation, and resistance to UV rays.

Coastal Defender

The Coastal Defender series also uses the Fluropon 70% PVDF Coil Coating formulation and is for use in areas that are within 1500 feet of the coast or a salty or brackish water body. Since wind and salt can lead to the fast breakdown of a paint layer, you need high-quality protection and durability for your building.

These colors are mainly used on aluminum panels that are highly resistant to saltwater damage. The high level of film integrity makes these colors more resistant to environmental wear and tear. At the same time, they offer high consistency and color retention.

The coastal defender comes with a 25-year paint warranty and a 30-year fade and chalk warranty.

Final Words

So, what colors do metal roofs come in?

The answer is many, with all the choices our color system offer, we're sure to have the perfect color for your metal roof.

No matter the location of your property, the three color systems from Tri County Metals will offer the best level of aesthetics and protection at all times. Our color systems are also derived from environmentally friendly materials to ensure sustainability.

Contact us at Tri County Metals and we can help you through the process of finding the color for your project.