What Are Florida Product Approvals

For a metal roofing project in Florida, the roof panels must be installed according to a code which varies based on several details for the project such as roof height and panel style. While databases of these codes do exist, it can be very time consuming and confusing to sort through the details of each specific code trying to find the best fit for your project as every code iteration has different installation regulations, and many have varying regulations for different roof heights, wind speed zones, etc.

Once you have a code you think will match your project details, you then have to look at the specific rules for each wind speed rating of that code to find the fastener spacing that aligns to your projects height and wind speed zone, this is on top of other details that must be found by searching through the busy document if you are performing the search manually, which can take a very long time, thankfully though there is a better method available.

To make the metal roofing process easier for our customers, Tri County Metals created a free to use tool that will search through the many approval codes we have at Tri County Metals, taking your projects details and doing the work for you to sort out the best code for your job, then putting all the major installation details into a document making it easy to read. This will also speed up the ordering process when you order your metal roofing from Tri County Metals since you will already have the needed approval code, which helps figure out the number of fasteners you will need for example.

All you need to use the tool is your projects roof height, panel gauge and style, and the wind speed rating for the area your installation is located in, this is all optionally explained further in the tool itself to further simplify processes like using the external tool to find the wind speed rating, once you provide those details the tool will filter through the available approval codes and send the best fit to your email.

We currently have our Exposed Seam Ultra RIB panel and our Standing Seam TCM-LOK panel FPAC tools available for use, with our other panels to be covered in the future so you can find the code for any metal roofing project supplied by Tri County Metals. Check out our free to use FPAC tools by clicking either of the links below, these can also be accessed from our Florida Product Approval Page