About our communication

Communication is a key fundamental at Tri County Metals.

 How good is our communication at Tri County Metals? Let's let our customers answer that one. You read descriptions like:

“The Biggest Thing,” “Relationship,” “Flawless,” and “Awesome.”

Here's what some of our contractors have to say:


  • “What do I enjoy most about my relationship with Tri County Metals, the biggest thing is communication…” Tim, Superior One Roofing
  • “Our relationship with Tri County Metals…leads to us closing 25% more business.” John, Stay Dry Roofing
  • “The communication with Tri County Metals has been flawless. Anytime I reach out, I get answers.” Tom, Code Red Roofers
  • “That is awesome, I like the fact that the driver gives me a call…it's just nice communication.” Jim, Craftsman Custom Builders
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