Metal Minute 4: About Our Financing Program

It's all about financing! Well, why is that the case? It's no secret that a metal roofing project can be an investment. And sometimes storms, purchasing a home, and certainly just the age of a roof may create an unexpected need to have your home reroofed. It happens all the time. The caveat with that situation is that many people don't readily have the funds available to fully tackle a roofing project. Sure, you can move money around, you can go down to the bank and try to get a loan, you can throw a tarp over the house and try to pump up your Piggy Bank, but I submit to you there's a better option.

What if I shared with you that as a homeowner, chances are decent that you can qualify for a purchase, either materials only directly through tri-county metals, or for the entire roofing project including labor through one of our partner independent roofing contractors? And it gets better. How about no money down and the easy payment terms?

Even if you have the money in savings, or 401K, why not just leave that where it is? We have financing terms to include 12 months same as cash and low interest options like 6.99% for seven or ten years. Ask us about our homeowners edge financing program and let's help you select the perfect metal roofing package for your home. Need help finding a contractor? We can help you with that too. Follow this link to learn more.