You've seen the ads, you've done the research, and you know it's true! Metal roofing for your home is for you. You know about of all the benefits, like energy efficiency, safety and security, beauty and longevity, but now it's time to choose your metal roofing profile.

But there are so many options what do you do? First, let's look at two of our most popular panels, the ultra-rib panel and the TCM lock panel. These two panels are extremely popular and while that is true, they are quite different. Let's take a look

First, let's look at our TCM lock panel! Our TCM lock panel is manufactured with a built-in mail strip that allows the installer to fasten the panel directly to the roof deck, with the next panel overlapping the fasteners. This panel is available in all three color systems that we offer and comes in varying rib heights of 1 inch two 1 1/2 inches. Also, this panel is available in three finished styles including flat, minor ribs, or striated. Check out this panel on this beautiful home!

One key aspect about the TCM lock panel is that it is a standing seam panel where the fasteners are hidden. So for the finished product you won't see any fasteners at all.

Next, let's look at the panel that started it all, our ultra-rib panel. The ultra rib panel by Tri County Metals is the very first metal roofing panel we produced years ago when we started. And today, even though we produce a variety of other profiles, the ultra rib profile is still wildly popular. That popularity is probably because it is three feet wide and can be installed more quickly than standing seam profiles. This profile includes major ribs minor ribs roll formed into the design and comes in a variety of thicknesses and color options.

So that's a quick look and two most popular panels: one standing seam, and the other exposed fastener. They both have different options and purposes. Let the metal roofing experts at Tri County Metals help guide you to the best panel selection for your project.