Metal roofing is one of the most popular choices for residential and commercial roofing projects. Why is this? Because it is a sturdy and low-maintenance roofing material.

However, when building or replacing a roof with metal, it is essential to understand and use the proper metal roofing accessories. We will discuss these accessories and how they affect your roof in this article so you can make the best decision for your roofing project. Read on!

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

There are many reasons why someone would choose metal roofing over a traditional shingle roof. Firstly, unlike shingle roofs, which last for around 10-30 years before they need to be repaired or replaced, metal roofs can last for 40-70 years, meaning you may not have to replace them in your lifetime.

In addition, metal roofing can often withstand 140 mph wind gusts and will not burst into flames during wildfires and lightning storms. Lastly, this material is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Now that you know the benefits of metal roofing, let’s look at the accessories that help make these roofs what they are.

Metal Roofing Accessories and Their Effects

For contractors and homeowners, choosing metal roofing requires an understanding of the materials needed to effectively construct a metal roof. While purchasing metal panels and trim pieces are obviously vital, accessories are just as important. It is these “extras” that can make your roof last, improve its energy efficiency, enhance its appearance, and more.

Here at Tri County Metals, your Florida-based metal roofing manufacturer, we offer an array of accessories to make your roof the best it can be. Below we list each type of accessory you may need and its effects on your roofing project.


An essential accessory for metal roofing is fasteners. These are what hold the roofing pieces together and attach them to the roofing deck. Fasteners come in various styles, shapes, and sizes, with each type best suited for a specific metal roofing panel or purpose. For this reason, fasteners should be chosen according to each unique roofing project.

Fasteners also come in either exposed or concealed varieties, which means some fasteners can be hidden beneath the roofing panel while some are used on top of it. We offer fasteners for your metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood fastening needs as well as purlin screws, trim nails, rivets, and more.


As with fasteners, underlayment is another vital accessory that is actually required by code. This is a layer of fabric that is laid down beneath the metal panels of the roof. It is entirely concealed by the metal panels on the outside and your ceiling and insulation on the inside.

The purpose of underlayment is to be a barrier that acts as additional protection from extreme weather conditions, including temperatures, rain, and ice. We offer clients two underlayment options: a synthetic roll or a peel-and-stick roll.


When constructing a metal roof, you will need to use purlins. Purlins are structural components used in conjunction with metal panel systems to give them extra support at intervals along the length of the roof.

In the vast majority of cases, including in our offering, purlins are solid wood boards. These boards are installed horizontally to lessen the likelihood of the buckling or twisting of the metal panels over time. They also act as extra security against wind uplift. These can be either concealed in between the roof and ceiling materials or exposed on the inside of the building.

Radiant Barrier

One of the optional but highly beneficial accessories is a radiant barrier. Like underlayment, this material is laid out underneath the metal roofing panels and is concealed by them.

A radiant barrier is a reflective foil designed to reduce energy costs. It works by blocking radiant heat from getting in or out so that your home does not turn into an oven in summer and a freezer in winter. The radiant barrier we offer blocks 97% of the leading cause of heat gain in a house, making it highly efficacious.


Sealants are an essential component of any metal roof, and they come in a variety of forms. One kind of sealant is the kind that works with a caulking gun and is used to seal the metal panels of the roof. These sealants prevent water, dirt, insects, and more from getting through small cracks. Since this is applied on the outside and is visible, we offer both a clear option and colors that match the color of your metal panels.

Some other sealants we offer are a peel and seal roll, which seals panels under hip caps, and tacky tape, which seals laps and trim to roof seams. Additionally, we offer foam sealants, including expanding foam for use on a W-Valley, and foam closures for sealing each panel type.


Vents for air circulation are crucial to metal roofing projects, and they, like sealants, vary by purpose. Ridge vents are designed to allow air to flow freely in attics, which helps balance temperatures throughout the building. They are placed on the ridge of the roof and run along its entirety but are unobtrusive in appearance. We designed our easy-to-install ridge vents to fit between the ribs of standing seam roof panels.

We also offer venting material in rolls that can be used to allow the attic to breathe, as well as material die-cut to fit each panel type. Lastly, we offer an attic fan for maximum ventilation.


The final accessory that is necessary for metal roofing projects is flashing. Flashing is any product or material that prevents water from passing into the building. A roof boot is a form of flashing that is designed to seal around plumbing pipes in a metal roof. Like ridge vents and sealants, these are visible.

Our roof boots come in colors to match your metal panels for the best appearance and are available in several sizes and two temperature ranges. We also have electric pipe boots that are used to seal electrical poles that penetrate the roof.

Looking for Metal Roofing near Trenton, Florida?

The many parts that make up the perfect metal roof are all equally important. If you are a homeowner or contractor interested in installing metal roofing in the Trenton, Florida, area, Tri County Metals can get you the materials and accessories you need. Get a quote today!