Metal Minute 3: Did you know – Metal Roofing Adds Value!

The popularity of metal roofing has increased 300% over the last decade. And the reasons for this are not surprising. Countless homeowners appreciate the value, beauty, and security that metal roofing can provide. Educated homeowners know that metal roofing is the logical investment because over the course of decades, a metal roofing installation will truly pay for itself by way of energy savings, not to mention the longevity enjoyed by the superior paint finishes our product offers.

But did you know that according to the metal roofing alliance, a metal roof, aside from the obvious pleasing aesthetic, can make your home more valuable!? According to, a metal roof can make your home have a higher resale value, as much as 6% in some markets.

So besides all of the research and data and discussions about energy efficiency, superior paint finishes, outstanding service provided by Tri County Metals, and all of the other benefits for your home and family, the fact that a new metal roof can make your home resell value increase is a compelling reason to move ahead with your reroofing project today. Let our metal roofing experts guide you to the right and overall metal roofing system for your project.