About our Superior Metal Roofing Delivery Team and Services

Our excellent delivery services with lightning-fast turnaround is just one more way Tri County Metals is bringing you innovation, and making Tri County Metals a pleasure to do business with.

We have a large delivery fleet servicing the state of Florida, South Georgia, and in some cases, we can deliver further. Our fleet offers versatility with 30’ trailers equipped with knuckle boom cranes to efficiently and gently set your order in your desired offload location.

We offer crated standing seam delivery, and longer exposed panel length delivery, on one of many tractor trailers in our fleet, each outfitted with a moffit forklift and skilled, conscientious operators.

Lastly, we can roll form your standing seam order on site which is especially helpful for longer length panel projects, or job sites with tight sight access. Additionally, to make your delivery as successful as possible, we have put together a page on our website about delivery topics with helpful resources like our delivery Q&A section.

Metal Roofing Delivery Text Notifications – Stay in the Know!

Your homeowner customer doesn’t want any surprises. Many manufacturers show up with little to no notification. At Tri County Metals, that is not how we operate. Let us coordinate with your team and send your key project contact our delivery text notifications. This way you will know when we are coming, when we will arrive, and know that the delivery took place even if you can’t be there. This is all possible with our free delivery text notification system. Be in the know. This free service will help you shine and offer the best service to your customer, as we give excellent service to you.

“Your delivery system, it’s better than ordering my delivery for dinner, I can watch (on my phone) you guys leave from Deland until you’re right at my doorstep; like Door Dash, but better!”

Roofing Systems of Florida

Metal Roofing Delivery Speed Allows for Minimal-to-No Jobsite Downtime

At Tri County Metals, we strive for zero downtime for our contractors. We understand that time is money, so in effort to keep your project on track and keep you profitable, we pledge to resolve any material issues or relevant situations or within 48 hours to keep you on schedule.

“…on the turnaround when jobs run short, that’s next-level. You know, I think where we’re at was a 24 to 48-hour turnaround if we notify you guys that we’re running short…allowing us to continue to work, with knowing those panels are coming, with really no delays for the crew…that’s just helped our business grow so much more.”

Operations Director, Universal Roofing