It's all about the Florida product approval! Hi my name is Scott and I'm the marketing manager for tri-county metals, and today we are going to be discussing the topic of Florida product approvals.

What is a Florida product approval?

Every roofing product that goes on a home in Florida must first go through engineering and testing to validate that it will hold up under certain wind and significant weather event conditions. As you apply for permitting and your roofing project is underway it is highly likely that the building official who will be inspecting your project will need to see the appropriate Florida product approval information to coincide with the type of roof roofing that you are installing. And, according to that Florida product approval, which installation method should be used based on several factors. These factors can include things such as the type of decking that you are installing the panel on, the type of environment the home is in, and will certainly the potential wind speed that roofing material will experience during severe weather.

How are these approvals determined? The easy answer is through engineering and testing. At tri-county metals, we have heavily invested in engineering and testing, and we continue that investment so that our roofing panels can be installed on all types of structures all over the state.

Having this versatility by way of Florida Product approvals makes the roofing panels produced by tri-county metals more versatile and allows our customers flexibility in the types of metal roofing they can install, how they can be installed, and where they can be installed.

If you are new to metal roofing and this seems a little daunting, don't stress. The team at tri-county metals are metal roofing experts and we can guide you to the right panel and the right approval for your project. And if you're the type of person that likes to do research on your own, you're in luck! We have a powerful free Florida product approval tool for will quickly and easily help determine the right approval needed for your project.