The “chaos coordinators” of TCM, our talented scheduling department puts everything together, organizing truck routes and shipments so that our customers receive their orders on time, accurate, and complete.

We utilize a variety of delivery vehicles within Tri County Metals, everything from our regular trucks to semi-trucks and express delivery vans, with so many moving parts making up the manufacturing and delivery operation, having a dedicated team to focus solely on optimizing and overseeing those operations allows us to maintain our efficiency and consistency fulfilling orders.

Our team in the scheduling department is what allows us to offer next-day-delivery for most exposed fastener panel orders placed before 4pm, something that’s unheard of anywhere else in the industry, while keeping other orders on track to be delivered accurately and on time. This also allowed us to offer convenient text updates to let customers know their order and delivery status, so they know when to expect a delivery, and when the delivery has been completed.