Tri County Metals helps a foster family in need

As a family-oriented company, Tri County Metals was proud to help a foster family in need and come along side Man Up Tampa Bay and Total Home Roofing with this project. 

As reported by Fox 13 in Tampa:

TAMPA, Fla. – Dave and Brendale Perkins give new meaning to what it means to have a large family.

“We have 11 that we have formally, have been adopted,” Brendale Perkins explained. “We have two that we never formally adopted, but they're our girls and we love them just the same and we have three biological kids.”

With a lot of mouths to feed, there isn't a lot of money left over for things like the new roof they need.

“I've been trying to patch it myself,” said David Perkins. “Trying to come up with the money to figure out how we can do it ourselves.”

The Perkins's roof problem has been solved thanks to Man Up Tampa Bay.

“For them to step up and do this, it's absolutely an answered prayer,” Brendale Perkins shared.

The non-profit's mission is to help support foster families in the Tampa area. Jeff Ford is the chairman of Man Up Tampa Bay.

“With all the bad stuff that we hear going on in the news or this or that has happened in the world. The Perkins family is what's right in the world.”

The organization worked in partnership with area businesses, like Tri-County Metals, to supply a free roof to the Perkins family. “People who help other people deserve to get the right thing to happen to them in their lives,” said Mike Smith, Tri-County Metal's business team leader.

Ryan Lightsey, production manager for Total Home Roofing, said it's important to give back to the community.

He added, “To be on site and be a part of this is really a blessing.”

A blessing that the Perkins family is so thankful for.

“One of the best Father’s Day presents right there,” Dave Perkins said. “Get a new roof and I don't have to go up and do it.”

“Next week I'm going to lay my head down on the pillow and not have to wake up wondering when we are going to have enough in our savings account to afford this,” Brendale Perkins added.

A community coming together to help a very special family in need.