Several years ago, after over a decade in business, we established our mission statement which is – it is Tri County Metals’ mission to safely provide its customers with the knowledge, tools, and products to accomplish their projects on time/complete and at a fair price. We polled thousands of contractors who do business with Tri County Metals to see how we are faring in the market, and the results are in! Results reflect what we strive for every day which is to make Tri County Metals a pleasure to do business with. As far as customer service, we scored an impressive 97.5% satisfaction rating, thanks everyone! 95% of respondents feel that our Florida Product Approvals are sufficient for their needs. And that’s fantastic to hear since we’ve invested a lot of time and effort in expanding our approvals over the past two years with more to come. Also, 97.5% of our contractor customers feel that our line up of panel colors are what they need in their respective markets. We were very pleased with the positive feedback individuals shared, and other indicators such as brand loyalty, tools, and support which were highly rated as well.