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At Tri County Metals, our free and easy-to-use Panel Selector tool will help you quickly and easily determine a metal roofing panel suggestion for your project. Just launch the tool, complete some easy responses, and get the info you need to help you decide which metal roofing panel is best for your project.

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Let's talk about Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

Would you rather not see the fasteners like you would with an exposed metal roofing panel? For many residential applications, the TCM-LOK panel may be for you. This panel is manufactured with an incorporated “nail strip” for fastening directly to the roof deck. TCM-LOK is available in all three color systems. This panel is available in both steel and aluminum.

Do you like the idea of a standing seam panel with hidden fasteners, but have a home or project that will require a panel run of more than 30 feet? Then you'll want to consider our SL-LOK, or SS-LOK panel. SL-LOK stands for “snap lock” and refers to how the panels snap together. Using a floating clip system with installation, this panel can span long lengths and is available in our Max Defender, energy efficient colors.

Do you have a commercial project or a larger home that calls for a pronounced, higher rib? The MS-LOK panel is a standing seam panel that requires a special folding machine to overlap and seal the seam – thus why you see “MS” or “mechanical seam” in the name. This panel is available in our Max Defender, energy efficient color system. This panel is often the panel of choice for commercial projects.

Next, let's review our Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing Panels

The Ultra Rib is the main-stay, go-to metal roofing panel for many projects. The biggest difference with the Ultra Rib compared to other popular panels is it is fastened to the roof with fasteners that can be seen. This is called an “exposed” metal roofing panel.

Looking for a classic, Florida-Cracker, or Key West look for your home? Then the 5V metal roofing panel is the panel for you. This exposed metal roofing fastener is currently available in Galvalume™ finish.

For low-slope, commercial, or agricultural applications, the PBR panel is a rugged metal roofing panel that can get the job done. Available in many Core Defender colors, the PBR panel definitely has it place in our metal roofing panel line up.


Not sure which metal roofing panel is best for you? Click here to launch our Panel Selector tool – it's free and easy!


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