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What is Panel Freckling?

Panel freckling is the unsightly appearance of small rust spots on metal roofing, on both mill finish, and painted panels after installation.

How does it Occur?

During metal roofing panel installation, the action of drilling, and/or installing fasteners, releases small, hot metal shavings from the drill discharge onto the surrounding metal panel surface. Because the shavings are hot, they tend to stick to the painted surface, or mill finish of the panel. After a short period of time the small shavings will oxidize and rust. Condensation and precipitation may cause these small rust spots to streak and become more noticeable.

How can you prevent panel freckling?

The best way to prevent panel freckling is to use a soft bristle brush to fully sweep the newly installed surface of the metal roof prior to the end of each working day during the installation. Also, Tri County Metals recommends predrilling the fastener hole locations on the ground, with panels in short stacks, to allow for reduced screw spray, and a uniform, attractive fastener installation.

What can you do if panel freckling has occurred?

Tri County Metals sells a full line of Sherwin-Williams-approved, Watts Removal Products, to include a product called Clean Sweep, which is an effective cleaner to help remove the appearance of panel freckling. You can read more about Watts Removal Products on our website https://tricountymetals.com/watts-removal/