At Tri County Metals, our TEAM is here to serve your needs and better your life! When we say TEAM, we mean a group dedicated to providing you the highest customer services experience, to make sure you have the correct items for your project, to custom make your orders items and to deliver your order to the jobsite so you can accomplish your project on time and complete.

Our TEAM starts with the Customer Experience our sales team members provides. Understanding your project, identifying everything you need to complete the job and preparing your estimate quickly so you can move forward. Some projects have unique or larger sizes and require some drawings to get your order completed. Our CAD team is here to take those measurements you provide and turn them into a product list.

After your order is reviewed by our Order Fulfillment team, our Production team members take pride in making your order right, handling it with care and preparing it for transit to your jobsite. Our operators on our machines making the panels, the team that supports them with materials, our trim teams and the team that pulls the fasteners and accessories you need, all strive to make each order 100% accurate.

The Loading team takes over preparing our delivery trucks for fast delivery. On the day we committed to you at the start, our Logistics team will bring your order to your jobsite. You will receive communication via email or text and call to update you on our delivery window.

Every order requires a TEAM to serve you! We would like YOU to join our TEAM to serve others. 

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Consider joining our 5 STAR TEAM!.