Why does a Tri County metal roof last so long? There’s a couple of things. First, as we mentioned in our last Vlog, we like using Galvalume substrate for mill finish, and if we paint that Galvalume, we use top quality Sherwin Williams Industrial Paint specifically designed for the riggers of a roof application.

AZ55 Galvalume, mill finish, acrylic coated is what we use to manufacture at Tri County Metals. AZ55 is the Galvalume thickness required to carry a 25-year warranty. As stated by some of the world’s leading steel companies Glavalume has, “at least twice the corrosion resistance over galvanized coatings of the same thickness and excellent corrosion resistance at cut edges. Mill finish Galvalume can provide at least 35 years of performance before requiring major maintenance, while the full-service life can be 40 – 60 years.

Now let’s coat it with some industrial strength Sherwin Williams Energy Star paint systems and see what we get. By the way Energy Star deserves its own discussion. So we’ll cover that in anther Vlog. Warranties for fade and chalk are 30 years, and that tells us you’ll still have nice color on your roof far into the future. Now, if you buy our top of the line system Max Defender, it allows up to 5 units of fade, and Core Defender allows 7 units and that’s over a 30 year period. As you can see that’s pretty darn good! Hope I can add 30 years and still look that good! The integrity warranties are even longer, as much as 45 years if you buy our Energy Package. And that will save you money on power bills for many years in the future. We love Sherwin Williams proven long lasting paint systems that last 40 – 60 years, or lifetime.