How do  I pick the right metal roofing contractor?

Tri County Metals believes choosing the right contractor is a very tough job. You have to pick someone who listens to your individual needs and has answers to your problems.

We would like to share 5 tips that we believe are important in your choosing the right contractor to install your metal roof.

How to pick the right metal roofing contractor – point 1:

First is are they experienced? Experience is an important quality that the contractor of your choice needs to have. Does the contractor have several years’ experience installing Metal Roofing on homes? Ask for a project or two for you to revue. It is important you like the aesthetics of the project as well as the functionality.

How to pick the right metal roofing contractor – point 2:

Are they licensed? A copy of their license number should be readily available. You can check the license with if you choose too. Choosing a licensed contractor also says the employees are qualified and reliable.

How to pick the right metal roofing contractor – point 3:

What’s their pricing? It’s important to consider if a price looks to low you should ask more questions about what you are expecting to receive from the contractor. If it’s higher than others are they offering the value that makes them a good choice? Often the best person is the more expensive person when breaking out the value.

How to pick the right metal roofing contractor – point 4:

Does their workmanship warranty bring value to the equation of your choice?
Do they have a good reputation? Contractors with a good reputation in terms of their overall service may be preferable than those who are not as well known. Ask friends, family or neighbors if they have hired the services of a contractor for installing a Metal Roof system on their home.

How to pick the right metal roofing contractor – point 5:

Are they Factory Trained? What certificates does the contractor you are working with hold?
There are a lot of question, yes. But – the good news is at Tri County Metals, we have established a factory training program for roofing contractors and we can refer independent, factory-trained contractors to you. This will help make the selection process easier with you having peace of mind that the contractor you select are familiar with our full product line and proper installation methods.

Give us a call and ask for a factory-trained installer. If you’ve narrowed down a contractor you like be sure to ask if they hold a contractor’sEDGE or master’sEDGE certificate from Tri County Metals. This is a strong indicator that the contractor cares enough to invest his and his employees time to learn proper application practices and the sales team has learned correct customer information to answer your critical questions. If you have questions about how to finance your project all TCM Factory Trained contractor’sEDGE or master’sEDGE contractors will be able to help you solve this problem.

We have covered thoughts on who to choose to install your new roof. And as far as the second question – how will you pay for it? Well the good news is Tri County Metals offers our homeowner’sEDGE financing program and this program is offered through TCM directly and through most independent, factory-trained installers who have partnered with TCM.