How to choose the right metal roof for your home

In this VLOG, Mark Tender discusses the process of choosing your new metal roof and walk through three aspects for you to consider for that process.

At Tri County Metals, we’ve broken down selecting your new metal roof into three easy categories: one, pick your color, two pick your panel profile and three choose the accessories to complete your new metal roofing system.

Choosing the right metal roof for your home: Step 1 Color

First, let’s talk about color. Did you know that all of the color options we offer at Tri County Metals are Energy-Star, cool roof colors? What does that mean? On a 90 degree day, for an asphalt shingle roof, studies at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have proven that attic temperatures can reach 135 degrees and your air conditioning system has to combat that heat running nearly non stop to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

That same house with an energy star cool metal roof, the attic temperature will be much cooler to the tune of 20 or 30 degrees cooler allowing your air conditioning system to not have to work as hard which translates into direct money savings.
The lighter colors in our offerings, like Polar White or Sierra Tan, will offer greater energy savings in this way. Choosing panel color is just a matter of a balance between the aesthetics you’d like to have for your home, and what you feel is the best fit that will still allow energy savings.

Choosing the right metal roof for your home: Step 2 Panel

Next, we have the topic of panel selection. We have several panel profiles to choose from and these panels break down into two main categories: exposed fastener and standing seam. Exposed fastener panels are installed such that you can see the fasteners verses standing seam which is installed such that the fasteners are hidden. Standing seam has more options and typically higher install costs.
To get a feel for how your home will look with your color and panel selection we have a great, free tool on our website called Click Color Studio. There you can upload a photo of your home or just pick a home similar to yours from the gallery and play with color and panel options to get a feel for what will work best for your situation.

Choosing the right metal roof for your home: Step 2 Accessories

Lastly, the accessories selection will round-off your new metal roofing system. Particularly, you’ll want to consider energy-saving accessories like 1×4 purlins and a radiant barrier. When combined with energy-saving, cool metal roofing those two components can help you save significantly over time.

We have a great brochure you can access below in the comments, called our 6-panel brochure which will outline all I’ve discussed here. Feel free to download a copy or give us call and we’ll gladly get a copy in the mail to you.

Download a copy of our 6-Panel Brochure here.