Practical Maintenance Topics for Metal Roofs

Spring is in full swing. When we think about maintaining our home and springtime, spring cleaning is often a key topic to shed off the dreariness of winter and get things spruced up for active indoor and outdoor living. We often associate spring cleaning with getting the garage in order, and perhaps deep cleaning. But what about your metal roof? There are several tips you can consider when it comes annual or semi-annual metal roof maintenance.

One great thing about metal roofing is there’s no daily hassle, in fact, metal roofing offers very minimal maintenance for homeowners.

Metal Roofs are manufactured in a way that will provide you with many years of trouble-free service. The main purpose of your roof is to shed water off during rainy weather and protect your home and family with great resilience from storms with high winds.

A clean roof is a trouble-free roof so in areas where leaves pile up, such as valley’s or dormers, a little service work is required so the leaves won’t allow water to pool up and trap moisture under the leaf pile. That moisture over time might cause damage to the Metal Roof. Tri County Metals would recommend blowing off your roof whenever necessary and consider washing your roof every few years with a mixture of simple green and water.

Other things you will want to check for while on the roof is weathertightness of areas where caulking was applied to be sure it isn’t cracking or pulled away from the wall. For different situations that need proper roof cleaning we recommend following Sherwin Williams Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

If you follow these simple steps your Metal Roof should be trouble-free and give you many years of protection and great service.

You don’t feel like getting on the roof? No problem at all. Tri County Metals works with hundreds of factory-trained installers and many of those independent contractors offer periodic maintenance and inspections.