What is a cool metal roof?

Metal roofing is the best choice. Did you know the popularity of metal roofing has increased by 370% over the past 10 years? And the reasons why are not surprising. Homeowners are looking for permanency, unique curb appeal and great value. So, it makes sense that they’re choosing metal roofs.

Metal Roofing can be Cool Roofing

A metal roof is also a cool roof. Through testing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, it has been proven that an asphalt shingle roof traps heat in your attic.

A Cool Roof is Energy Star Rated

But an Energy Star rated roof reflects heat and the pigments in the color finish re-emit heat. This reduces heat build-up and makes your attic cooler. In fact, the Metal Roofing Alliance has a study which shows that compared to shingles a metal roof can save up to 40% of the energy costs to cool your home.

All Our Colors are Energy Star “Cool Roof” Colors

Tri County Metals offers “Duke the Defender” Series paint systems with our metal roofing panels. All of our colors are Energy Star “Cool Roof” colors that provide superior fade and chalk resistance.

How Cool Roofs Save You Money

Now, you may be asking, But what does “Cool Roof” color really mean to my wallet? OK, let’s talk about “Cool Roof” math: The average electric bill for Floridians to cool their home is $140 per month.

MRA Data shows that on average a cool roof can result in a 30% reduction in cooling energy requirements. If we apply that to the average energy cost of $140 we get a savings of $42 each month! So, for this example, when you consider this savings over time, you’ll save about $7500 in fifteen years and more than $15000 over the course of 30 years. A cool roof will pay for itself over time.
And that’s not all, there’s more we can offer you on the topic of energy savings at Tri County Metals!

A solid metal roofing system doesn’t end with cool roof colors. At TCM, we’ll design a complete metal roof system for you, using all of the accessories needed to give you the very best metal roof for your home and the roof you want.

Using TCM’s high performance accessories for your project could also qualify you for our extended warranty. Ask your sales person about The extended warranty that we call the Defender 45.