When it comes to choosing a metal roofing panel profile for your project, there are a few things to consider.

First, we need to discuss the difference between what we call exposed fastener panels and standing seam panels.

Exposed fastener systems are installed so that you can see the fasteners holding the panel to the roof. Those fasteners are painted to match your metal roof selection and blend in very well. Typically, exposed fastener roofing systems install faster than standing seam projects.  Therefore, the labor cost for installation is usually more economical.

At Tri County Metals we offer three profiles of exposed fastener panels. The most popular is Ultra Rib. Then we have our larger rib and more commercial style PBR panel.  And finally, we have the classic Key West look in our 5-V panel.

Standing seam panels are a little different.  They are installed so that the panels overlap the fastener locations and conceal the screws. The panels are then locked or snapped together at the seam. We offer three basic styles of standing seam panels including; Our TCM-LOK which is roll-formed with an incorporated nail strip, our SL-LOK panel which is designed to be installed with a floating concealed clip system, and finally our MS-LOK which has a mechanically folded seam.

The size of your home or building will play a big role in your selection. Our standing seam panels have more pronounced ribs.  Some profiles come with ribs up to 2” high. Typically, as your building gets larger and the roof gets more expansive, you’ll want to choose a panel with a higher rib that is more pronounced to give the roof a more proportional visual aesthetic.

Also, for roofs with panel runs from ridge to the eave that are less than 30 feet, our TCM-LOK works great. For runs longer than 30 feet, we’ll need to make sure that we’re using a panel that will accommodate some additional panel expansion and contraction.  If that’s the case with your roof, you’ll want to consider our SL-LOK.  It uses a clip system that better allows for expansion and contraction of the roof panels over longer runs.

Be sure to consider the slope of your roof as well.  The slope of your roof is an important factor to consider when choosing the right panel for the job. If you have a slope that’s less than 3:12 you’ll need to be more careful when picking the right panel for the job. In very low slope applications, you may consider our PBR panel.  It handles low slope very well and is warranted for slopes as low as ½:12 pitch.

Finally, your color choice will help give your project not just the right look and aesthetic, but also energy efficiency. All our panels are offered in energy-efficient, cool roof colors with our defender series paint system.  And remember, Tri County Metals’ paint systems use Sherwin Williams industrial paint, designed for metal roofing that will last for decades.